Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials is an Open Access video journal published by the International Association of Advanced Materials. Keeping with the goal of the association to promote the advancement of materials, open access model of publishing allows the researchers around the world to access the high up to date informative video articles without any charges. 

This video journal publishes its contents in open access under a CC by License. The CC by license allows and facilitates the maximum possible dissemination of the open access materials to worldwide readers and viewers. It also allows for the re-use of the open-access materials published in the journal. This license allows the readers to use the content published in the journal for various purposes, including sharing, copying, distributing, and transmitting, provided that they do so in the manner that has been specified by the author, licensor, or the publisher. The readers are advised to check all the specifications before sharing any content published in the journal.

The Video Recording and Article Processing Charges

Under the model of Open Access, the authors are required to pay video article processing charges to get their content records and published in the Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials. The recording of each video article and processing charges excluding VAT, if applicable is 450 Euros. 

Benefits of Open Access

International Association of Advanced Materials has always been an advocate for the publishing model of Open Access. Publishing in this model conforms to the idea of the association of allowing people around the world access to valuable scientific knowledge and information. Since the model of Open Access removes all the costs that the readers have to incur for accessing quality content, it leads to certain benefits such as:

  • Increased engagement of the public:  It is a highly known fact that articles and videos published in open access models are accessed more than the ones that have a cost associated with them. 
  • Extensive citation of the content and usage by the audience Open Access content is available and accessible to everyone irrespective of their ability to pay and thus, it leads to an extensive citation.
  • Scope for wider collaborations and partnerships: Because of the nature of open access publications, such content enables researchers and scientists from around the world to pursue research in collaboration with each other.
  • An increase in interdisciplinary interaction: Since Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials is a video journal that publishes content encompassing different disciplines, it allows the researchers to connect more easily and indulge in discussions.
  • Quick results: Because of the existing licenses in place, open access publishing enables researchers to work forward quickly.
  • Wider dissemination of content: Because there are no costs associated with accessing the content in open access publishing, it leads to a much wider dissemination of content.